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How Covid has affected the reporting of statistics over time

Thursday 15th February



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Covid has made the analysis and reporting of timeseries very difficult. Was Covid just a blip or have underlying trends changed? There may be entirely new patterns of demand developing.

Our next seminar will therefore look at the issues around this.  Our main speaker will be John Wilkins, Deputy Director, Travel and Environment Data and Statistics (TRENDS) Division, and Deputy Head of Profession for Statistics of the Department for Transport. He will outline some of the challenges the Department has had to overcome in reporting the statistical narrative during recent times and consider where we stand as we enter 2024.  He will be joined by colleagues and Alex Chappell from AECOM who will discuss some examples.

National Travel Survey

Thursday 29th February



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Our next seminar will look the latest issue of the National Travel Survey which was published last September and will discuss recent developments.

Amardeep Dhani, Senior Statistical Officer, National Travel Survey at the Department for Transport will discuss the latest trends from the National Travel Survey 2022. 

Lisa Eyers, Head of the National Travel Survey at the Department for Transport will give an overview of the future developments to the National Travel Survey.