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E-Scooter Trials in Bristol

Monday 15th April



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Our next seminar will look at a trial of e-scooters undertaken in Bristol which showed that the uptake in these scooters were perhaps not coming from the expected demographic or shifting from the expected modes, and were seeming to take people away from using bus and walking rather than shorter car journeys.  

The speaker will be Kiron Chatterjee, is Professor of Travel Behaviour and a member of the Centre for Transport & Society at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

Electric Vehicle & charging infrastructure statistics 

Wednesday 24th April



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The Government’s Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate requires all new car registrations to be zero emission at the tailpipe by 2035, which requires the biggest change to our vehicle fleet since the invention of the car. The UK must develop a nationwide charging infrastructure, in just 12 years, to match the standards that our petrol and diesel industry has had over 100 years to develop.

Caity Rice, Head of Vehicle Statistics at the Department for Transport will cover what data the department publishes on electric vehicles, and the insights this can gives us into zero emission vehicle uptake.

Claire Baxter, Head of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Statistics at the Department for Transport will cover the statistics the DfT publishes on electric vehicle charging devices and a brief insight into this evolving landscape.